Table for Two, Please: a Rat and a Cat

Here’s something you don’t see every day–a rat and a cat drinking from the same dish. The rat has absolutely no fear of the cat and is, in fact, rather pushy. They must be housemates.

I’ve had cats and I’ve had rats, but never at the same time. Rats make affectionate, adaptable pets who are remarkably intelligent–at least as smart as cats or dogs. And like cats, rat siblings’ chief amusement is to beat up on each other–which ours always stopped doing, instantly, the moment I turned the light back on. You would hear thump-thump-thud-SQUEEEEK, turn on the light, and behold–nothing’s happening. Nobody here but us cozy little rat-girls, boss…

2 comments on “Table for Two, Please: a Rat and a Cat

  1. Hilarious! The rat keeps pulling the dish away from the cat! Pretty nervy little guy 🙂

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