Cat on a Not-Tin Roof

First question: How did she get up there in the first place?

Second question: At the risk of being mistaken for a rocket scientist, how hard would it be to go back in and open one of those windows?

I got a neighbor’s cat down from a porch roof once just by leaning a plank against it, which the cat eventually used. I have no idea how or why he got up there. It’s just one of those inscrutable things cats do.

2 comments on “Cat on a Not-Tin Roof

  1. Poor kitty! Her meowing was certainly distress-filled. You’re so right, Lee. Rather than making her jump (which she was obviously not very comfortable with), why didn’t he just go inside and open the window?! Sometimes people are astonishingly lacking in common sense. Fortunately, all’s well that ends well.

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