This Morning (Sigh and Groan)

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It’s raining, the neighborhood resounds to the sullen roar of the mulching machine, and Adam the tech guy is here to see if he can fix our computer, which may not be possible. And guess what? We might have lost all our data!

Anyhow, the cats are upstairs under the bed and it’s hellzapoppin ’round here, and I’m still trying to type on this laptop keyboard which was designed by fairies from a distant galaxy.

Hmmm… it might have stopped raining. I wonder if I can sneak out with a cigar and my book, which I couldn’t work on yesterday. If I go outside, I won’t hear any computer talk unless the birds and squirrels start it.

I haven’t looked at any news yet today. Maybe I won’t.

PS–The verdict: hard drive is dead, gone, must either be replaced or we gotta buy a new computer. Enter infinite turmoil.

6 comments on “This Morning (Sigh and Groan)

  1. Sometimes it is the wisest thing we can do..turn our backs on the chaos for a while. Take a deep breath, pray as best we can in our stressed out state, try to think on the things we are instructed to think about: whatsoever things are true, noble, righteous, pure, loveable, admirable, etc. which are guaranteed to take us away from this opposite world. It is an act of will to do this, but we really need it.

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