Are We All ‘Haters’ Now?

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You can’t tell the nooze media from the far-out leftid activists anymore. There’s no difference.

So: the left-wing fascist group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, publishes a “hate map” classifying all conservative or pro-family groups as “hate groups,” and CNN, the commie nooze network, obligingly publishes it (–targeting-wellknown-christian-groups-n2370342).

Everyone who’s not them is against them, is the enemy, must be put down. I shudder to think of the CNN audience lapping this up. “Hey, waddya know? Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Counsel–they’re all hate groups! Wow! Good thing we have George Soros to protect us!”

This is to intimidate us. That’s what the whole extravaganza–the riots, tearing down Confederate monuments, branding every little whimper of opposition “racist,” trying to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency–is about. They are demonstrating dominance. They are showing us who’s boss. They are letting us miserable little deplorables know that no matter whom we elect as president, they run the country and we had better just shut up and obey. Crikey, anyone who studies animal behavior can see what this is: a dominance display.

We are letting ourselves be dominated.

And the question that must be asked is, “Why?”

7 comments on “Are We All ‘Haters’ Now?

  1. The adults of today were not so much educated as they were indoctrinated. They are taught to accept any liberal cause as good, any conservative cause as hateful. This situation took decades to culminate, but it seems to be doing so before our eyes.

  2. The ruler of the kingdom of darkness knows he has but little time, and he is doing his utmost to destroy everything he can before the end. It is the practice of putting good for evil, and vise versa. The unregenerate mind
    has little defense against this.

    1. He must be going a lot more right than not. He’s certainly bearing the left’s ire! God’s Will be done!

  3. This is all about the “black vote” in 2020 and Historical Revisionism . The Union was historically as racist as the south, slavery was a fruit, not the root. But we are being played on the governments fiddle.

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