How Badly Do You Want That Shower?

Okay, the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was worse… but not much worse. These cats make more noise than poor Janet Leigh did. In fact, they got Robbie all cranked up to start a fight with Peep. This can happen when you play cat videos that your cats don’t approve of.

Why do they object so strongly to Mommy getting clean?

6 comments on “How Badly Do You Want That Shower?

  1. Thanks for the warning, I turned to volume to barely audible before I watched this.

    What a show! I guess they either a) don’t like being left out or b) find the thought of their pet human being exposed to water quite distressing. I know that my cat runs away as soon as the shower is turned on.

  2. Obviously the problem is that all kinds of interesting things are going on behind that door, with sound effects that they can hear and shapes that they can see moving around behind the translucent door — and they have been LOCKED OUT!!! This cannot be tolerated. Ever. 🙂

  3. What a chorus – carrying on for nearly three minutes! But, then again, that’s not a real surprise from Siamese 🙂 And they tried every which way to get in there – even from overhead lol.

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