Warning! No More Centaur Stuff

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Mrs. Sondra Wrzjbrsky of Parts Unknown, Nebraska, has written to warn me off writing about centaurs. Actually, with this keyboard, it’s surprising I can write about anything.

“It will not be tolerated,” wrote Mrs. W. “Centaurs are not without influence in high places. If you want to find out how a loaf of bread feels when you run over it with a car, just keep right on doing what you’re doing, mister.”

Mrs. Wrzjbrsky also objects of the non-inclusion of centaurs in my novels. “You’ll be up on hate speech charges. Mark my words!”

Enough. Tomorrow I have to search for a data recovery shop in hopes of recovering the data from my failed computer. This is complicated by being unable to print out directions to the place.  I won’t have time to worry about offending centaurs.

5 comments on “Warning! No More Centaur Stuff

  1. I remember the early days of political-correctness speech codes, when it was equally a sign of bigotry (a) to look intently into the eyes of a member of a protected group, and (b) to fail to make eye contact with a member of said group. The first was an intent to intimidate, and the second an attempt to erase (i.e., ignore) the person. I suppose the only way to escape would be to look quickly and look away, then look back quickly and away again — but no, that would indicate shiftiness and thus discomfort in the presence of the Other. The whole point, of course, is that if you’re not a member of a PC-approved group You Can’t Win.

    And now, I take it, centaurs are among the Protected? How about trans-centaurs? Or just the back end of a centaur? 🙂

    1. The back end of a centaur is a senator.
      Oh, you could get around that dilemma with the eyes by making–or buying, at an exorbitant price–a special pinhole thing similar to the contraption you use for viewing an eclipse.

  2. And just what will Mrs. W. have in her sights next (using marble’s eye chart of course) – the protected jackalope?’s

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