Flash! The Eclipse was… Racist?

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I thought this was a joke when I heard it on the radio today, but I should’ve known better.

Today’s solar eclipse was… well, racist or something, according to a professor (what else?) at the Brooklyn Law School. Snopes.com rushed in to defend her (http://www.snopes.com/eclipse-racist/), pointing out that she never actually used the word “racist” in her essay (published in The Atlantic). The lefties at Snopes chided us dumb conservatives for not being able to understand such a clever and witty bit of intellectual drivel.

What she did say about the eclipse was that “along most of its path, there are almost no black people.” Huh? Why would you even bring that up? What possible significance could it have for anybody but a twit?

Would you say our intrallecturals are obsessed by race?

And people pay damned good money to have their sons and daughters “educated” by these dingbats.

8 comments on “Flash! The Eclipse was… Racist?

  1. I look back at all the crazy things people did thousands of years ago, and then I’m reminded we really haven’t changed much.

  2. What’s really mind-boggling about the claim is that the path of the eclipse went through areas where there ARE many black people. To hit the truly low-density black areas, it would have had to go through liberal New England.

    1. Everything had to be shut down in Charleston yesterday because the city was so crammed full of eclipse tourists. Charleston, SC–I think there might be a few black people living there.

  3. South Carolina U has had a horse for its mascot for 57 years named Traveler after Robert E. Lee’s famous horse. Oh no, that is now racist (as told by Mark Steyn hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show).

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