We’re Back (It’s a Miracle)

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Well, we’re back from delivering our busted hard drive to a data recovery house somewhere in the Watchung Mountains.

Great Caesar’s ghost, it was a nightmare! Neither Patty nor I had been up there in years, and the whole area is unrecognizable. The route we were given was tricky and complicated, and when we had to stop for directions, a couple of the people we asked gave us bum steers.

Even worse than that was the traffic. It was as if someone had turned a gigantic tap and cars and trucks came out instead of water. And all those other drivers, they were flyin’! I wouldn’t have thought my car’s exhaust pipe could have been so fascinating to so many people.

We got a bit lost coming back, too, but it wasn’t as bad as going there. Eventually we found Park Avenue in Plainfield and it brought us home.

And where, I ask, has this day gone?

6 comments on “We’re Back (It’s a Miracle)

  1. My son described about the same sort of thing when he and family took a short vacation down the coast of Oregon and into California. Nightmare replete with accidents and traffic jams. Glad I don’t make these trips any more.

  2. Sounds like the stuff of nightmares for sure! Besides advice to say a quick prayer of thanksgiving for your safe return and to sit and relax with a nice cigar, I have one question – well, actually two, Will you have to go back there again to retrieve your property? and will you remember the way?

    1. I couldn’t remember all those twists and turns if my life depended on it. Yes, we’ll have to go back when they’ve recovered our data. But at least now we know where to look for the place.

      The cigar I had after we got home was simply heavenly.

    1. I am so glad I have the custom of sending each half a dozen chapters to my editor as I write them–so she has everything I need, as far as my books go.

      As for recovering the data–well, the guy gave me a definite maybe.

      Sounds like this has happened to you.

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