They Might Be Nazis

So who are the real brownshirts?

Oh, that’s easy! “Antifa” are the real brownshirts. They’re the ones who assert the right to physically attack anyone they think is a “fascist”–which would be pretty much anybody.

The other day in Sheridan, Colorado, a man was peacefully getting out of his car at a steak sandwich place when a wacko “antifa” storm trooper attacked him with a knife, screaming “You’re one of those neo-Nazis, aren’tcha?” The victim was stabbed in the hand before he could get back into the car and close the door. ( He thinks it must have been his haircut that set the leftid loony off.

No, sir, it wasn’t your haircut. It was this person’s psychotic ideology and its enabling by the media and the Democrat Party that set him off. He knows Soros and Obama and Hillary and MSNBC and CNN, et al, are in his corner.

Again I ask–why do we permit this?

6 comments on “They Might Be Nazis

  1. You are most certainly correct, Leeduigon.
    On the other hand… we can sit and relish in displaying our right to do as we do and look as we look (if it’s legal, or course), and risk offending someone else to the point they threaten our existence… or, we can live another day and just forget the damn haircut for a while.

    It’s like, if you are black and a cop pulls you over, right or wrong, shut the hell up and live another day. Protest the action in a less riskier environment.

    1. Doug, your premise regarding the police is not without flaw. Remember the woman in Minneapolis a few weeks ago? She herself called the police to come to her aid regarding an intruder. Instead of assisting her, they shot and killed her – the officer reached over his own partner to shoot! Not smart and not safe. The woman was to be married the following week, but instead had a funeral.

  2. Although I’d like to call these people insane, I fear that would give them an excuse for their evil behavior. However, you pegged them, Lee – ‘psychotic’ and ‘wacko’ !

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