Ta-dah! Thank You, Readers

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I am happy to report that, thanks to your efforts, folks, amazon.com has removed that dishonest, mean-spirited, one-star non-review of my Bell Mountain.

Hey, if somebody really doesn’t like the book, that’s life. But to slam it, and try to discourage others from reading it, because you don’t like my politics–which play no role whatsoever in any of my books–well, that’s just your typical leftid dirty trick.

I mean, how absurd would it be to inject contemporary American politics into a fantasy novel? There are a few authors that do that, and that’s why their novels suck. I mean, the whole blinking point of a fantasy story is to get away from that stuff!

Anyway, because a bunch of you stepped up and told the truth, and let amazon.com know it, a small but despicable injustice has been corrected–and I thank you very much.

9 comments on “Ta-dah! Thank You, Readers

  1. Sorry I missed all this, Lee. Yesterday was spent trying to fight off this nasty bug I managed to pick up somewhere. I’m so glad it was resolved.

    1. I’ve seen some of Lee’s books listed on Amazon for over $1,000, so that would’ve been a bargain! 🙂

      You’ll be hooked. At nearly 70, I’ve read them all, and am anxiously awaiting The Silver Trumpet.

      Any news on that, Lee?

    2. Why they charge more for used than for brand new copies is a mystery to me.

      But thanks for buying one–and please let me know how you like it.

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