‘Sink the Bismarck!’

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We’ve just watched Sink the Bismarck! (starring Kenneth More, 1960), and it’s, like, y’know, so full of Teutonophobia! I mean, what were they thinking when they made that movie?

You would’ve thought that, once the Germans started bombing London every day, and shooting people all over Europe, that at least some part of the British public would’ve embraced the Third Reich, and asked soul-searching questions like “Why do they hate us, and how can we get them to like us, what can we give them?”–oh, wait, they already tried that for eight or nine years and it didn’t work. They practically gave away the store to the Nazis, and still they got bombed.

Does the Western world suffer from amnesia? They all very nearly went down for the count, Hitler very nearly won the war–and they could have stopped him seven or eight years sooner with relatively little expenditure of effort.

But that’s the question that history asks us all the time: “Have you already forgotten? Have you lost all the lessons taught you by experience?”

I’m afraid that if Hitler came back for a second try today, he’d find it pretty easy going.


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  1. It does seem that amnesia prevails in western societies these days. I would never, in my wildest dreams, that things would come to this.

  2. I remember that movie from my childhood. My father and I saw it together, but I may have been too young to fully appreciate the significance of it all.

    Years ago, the thought occurred to me that when the collective consciousness of America forgot about WW II, there would be real trouble. Well, I may have been onto something. The average Millennial probably couldn’t tell you if which nations were at war in WW II although it wouldn’t surprise me if they decided that the U.S. was the villain.

    When one studies the history of WW II, it becomes apparent just how dire the situation was. Had only a few key decisions been made differently, we could have had a world ruled by some very unsavory characters. There were many tragic deaths and horrid events, but it was caused by the aggression of nations seeking conquest. If I meet a veteran of that war, something which still happens on occasion, I always shake their hands and express my appreciation.

    Perhaps Joe Collidge will chime in an straighten me out. He can x-plane to us how George Washington and Abe Lincoln conspired with Thomas Jefferson to attack Germany at Perl Abhor in order to spread slavery and undermine Hitler’s transgender agenda. 🙂

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