When Cats Want Your Attention

It can’t be denied: when cats want your attention, they know how to get it. Lie down on the book while you’re reading it. Walk on the keyboard while you’re typing. Drape themselves across your arm while you’re playing chess. If a human were to do any of these things, we’d think him ill-mannered; but cats get away with it.

5 comments on “When Cats Want Your Attention

  1. While I was watching, my cat decided that I needed to give her some attention. She’s sitting on my leg and kneading my abdomen as I type.

    Who else, but these strangely charming creatures could get away with such nonsense.

  2. Yes, I get these treatments often; and sometimes in the middle of the night. I am losing sleep, but receiving lots of love and affection.

  3. I love the cat “assisting” with the toothbrush! My cat is especially fond of getting between me and a book or the computer screen. And using my abdomen as a trampoline when I’m asleep but he thinks it’s time for me to wake up and feed him.

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