Cats: Who Needs Hands?

Hands are highly overrated. True, we’d be stuck without them, but only because we’ve grown so used to having them. But here’s a cat, equipped only with paws, claws, and an idea, tackling a cupboard. He doesn’t need hands.

You wanna know what happened to that Indus Valley civilization? Betcha the cats got it.

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5 responses to “Cats: Who Needs Hands?

  • UnKnowable

    Just yesterday, my cat decided that she required access to a cupboard where sheets and pillowcases are kept. The door wouldn’t open far, because a laundry basket was in the way, but she tried all the harder to get in. Finally, I moved the basket and let her in. She just needed to have a look inside, then she was happy. Silly critter.


  • Erlene

    You can say that again. My cat can not tolerate a closed door in this house. He meows very loudly for me to open any door that he can’t get open by himself. He sits in small spaces in floor height cabinets that contain nothing but books, he insists on checking out the pantry daily, and complains loudly if he can’t access what ever he wants.


    • UnKnowable

      I’ve heard that cats have a strong instinct to survey. I have a bedroom that is used almost exclusively for storage, and if I open that door, my cat has to go in and have a look. The walk-in closet in my bedroom seems to hold the strongest appeal. She insists on “quality time” in there. There is also a kitchen cabinet where I keep her food, etc. She occasionally goes in there of her own and lies beneath the shelf containing her food. Apparently she “communes” with her vittles. 🙂


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