Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football

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A liberal is haunted by the fear that someone, somewhere, is enjoying something; and unless it’s a sodomy pride parade, an abortion, an American military defeat, or an environmental disaster, the liberal must step in and poop the party.

And so we have an assistant professor of philosophy (lol)  calling every white person racist for enjoying college football (, and her chatterings are published in the New York Times, the liberal equivalent of Holy Writ.

A disclaimer: I hate college football. Never watch it. But not being a liberal, I don’t try to forbid anybody else from watching it.

Prof. Tarver, after a few obligatory sneers at Southerners, RVs, and face-paint–but I’ll bet anything she doesn’t sneer at drag queens in a “pride” parade–and after likening being a football fan to being “a practicing Christian,” a species apparently new and strange to her–goes on to hint  broadly that we must all be racists, blah-blah-blah. Boiled down, the substance of her argument is you just can’t help being a racist and there’s nothing you can do about it, you’re white so you’re guilty so there. Unless, of course, yore “a”  Collidge prefesser and yiu Jist full “of” Socile Jutstus…

Oh, merciful heavens, I’m so tired of these people!

Crikey, she’s even worried about hypermasculinity. Well, you old philosopher, you–just hang around the Times and you’ll never have to see any kind of masculinity.

Look, I hate football. Some of the players–some of the fans, too–act more like a certain kind of lesbian than anything else. My mother, on the other hand, loved football and got a tremendous amount of enjoyment out of it. Who am I to demand everybody else fall in step with me? Only a leftid demands that–and calls it “diversity.”

And they’ll kill you to get it, if they have to.

Lord, deliver us out of the hands of the heathen.

8 comments on “Now They Don’t Want You Watching Football

  1. It’s all about power. Personally, if there was never another football game, I doubt that I’d even notice, but people don’t have to ask for my approval for their chosen recreation and a lot of people enjoy football. WTH???

    1. Meanwhile, Genius Chelsea screwed up a blog post to make it look like she spent a year in Joe Arpaio’s jail…
      I thank God every day that Donald Trump won that election. If you think Antifa’s bad now, imagine them with White House passes.

  2. The Detroit Lions just signed Mathew Stafford to a 5 year contract, $135 million. And to think, the NFL was tax-exempt up until 2015 when they voluntarily started paying taxes. As Yakov Smirnoff says, “What a country”.

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