London Authorities Assign Christian Girl, 5, to Muslim Foster Parents

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Are they that crazy, that ignorant, or that evil, that they pack off a 5-year-old English Christian girl to live with Muslims who don’t speak English, won’t let the child eat English food provided by her–well, her mother, and who take away the cross she wears around her neck? (

Everybody’s keeping mum all at once. The silence is deafening. Why was this child put into foster care, with her mother still alive? Why, when her grandparents were willing to take care of her, was this child forced into strange and threatening surroundings? The local authority in charge has given no reason for these decisions. The Dept. for Education refuses to comment.

Why don’t the so-called journalists investigate the matter and find out the reason? Don’t they know how to do that?

I suppose we ought to count the little girl lucky she wasn’t left in that situation long enough to be shipped off to the Middle East for a quick genital mutilation.

Just for fun, try to imagine what would happen if a Muslim girl were fostered out to Christians who told her Islam was a false religion and wouldn’t let her read the Koran.

But hold on–this is London we’re talking about, and that would never happen.

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  1. The levels of insanity so prevalent all over the world today can only be explained as induced by demonic influence. We pray Father’s protection from all evil – both from the spiritual and physical realms.

    1. That is ridiculous. I feel nothing but empathy for people with obesity problems. I eat carefully to keep my weight under control and understand that it can be a real challenge, especially for people whose metabolism is slow. I would hope that people can be accepting and understanding towards those with weight problems but none of that suggests that seatbelts are guilty of discrimination.

      I am slightly above average height and I drive a sports car, which is quite small. Getting in and out of that sports car can be challenging and would certainly be less so were I a few inches shorter. But the car isn’t discriminating against me in any way. The factors in play are simply reality, in this case dimensions. When I bought the car, I knew that it was small, in fact the previous owner sold it because he was tired of the effort involved in entering the car.

      A 300 pound person would find it all but impossible to get in or out of my car. I recently had to pickup a business associate at the airport and opted for my pickup because I had no idea the stature of the person I was picking up and decided to err in the direction of caution. There was no “discrimination” involved, but I did employ “consideration” towards the possibility that the person I was picking up might not fit in my tiny little roadster. The roadster itself has not free will, it cannot discriminate in any way shape or form; however, the dimensions of the vehicle are hard facts and must be considered.

      Now, if cars discriminate by means of seatbelts, what about light aircraft. A 250# student pilot would have to rent something larger than a two-seat trainer in order for the plane to safely carry two people and adequate fuel. Apparently airplanes really have it in for the obese. 🙂

      All of this self-declaration of victimhood is becoming tiring.

    2. Some people do have a greater challenge than others because of an inherited metabolic propensity, but the individual is the only person whom can deal with this for themselves. I eat like a bird, but my health is good because of it.

  2. “So-called journalism” is right. How long has Antifa been operating and yet to this day Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and our other media champions don’t know where they’ve come from, who funds them, or even what they really believe. Find our, professionals – it’s called journalism. Or as Thomas Sowell says “Where’s the hard evidence.”

  3. I just read that the little girl has been removed from the Muslim household and placed with her own grandparents instead — but only after a public uproar in response to the original article about her. So the question still remains about why she was placed in such a situation to begin with — and another question about how many other children this has been done to but whose cases haven’t been publicized and therefore haven’t been rescued.

    1. This is frightening. I have heard that in the U.S. adopted and foster parents are required to respect and support the religious background of any children placed under their care.

  4. This is the most disgraceful and criminal situation, and the perpetrators should certainly be prosecuted for such a heinous act. I thought the foster care “industry” in this country was bad, but this really tears it. An outrage.

    1. The Brits are too busy hunting down hate speech, they wouldn’t dream of protecting children from such nightmarish experiences.

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