Loading the Computer

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We have Adam the tech guy here today to load all of the recovered data from our busted hard drive into our new hard drive. Gee, you’d almost think I knew what I was talking about. But I don’t.

Anyway, he says it’s going well, he’s restoring Patty’s assorted games that she bought, and if he’s done soon enough, I can go for a bike ride. And we will be altogether back in business, computer-wise.

4 comments on “Loading the Computer

    1. And there’s a great reason that the specter of ‘artificial intelligence’ looming over us is so daunting. Some of us will just never understand ‘computer speak’ – like me 🙂

    2. “Artificial Intelligence” is not true intelligence, but a simulation of intelligence. We can’t create anything wiser than ourselves. A chess computer may win every game, but it has no true understanding of chess. All it does is calculate. Because it can do that faster and more thoroughly, and more accurately, than any human, it wins. But it does not **know** what it’s doing.

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