‘For All the Saints’

Suggestion by Susan, music by Vaughn Williams: For All the Saints.

Today is September 11. I don’t want to get involved in writing about it, because someone’s bound to come along with “It was an inside job, George Bush did it!” And all that will do is make me mad. I lost nice people in that chapter of the jihad, and I don’t take kindly to loopy conspiracy theories about it.

But here in the hymn there is comfort. Read the lyrics. Let the music do its work. Believe the Bible; be faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.

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  1. This is nice, and I just was remembering a song I love by Sandi Patti:
    Via Dolorosa. In a church I once attended, there was a young lady with a voice very similar to Sandi’s. I bought her the disc and she memorized it,
    even the parts in Spanish, and performed it for the church. Magnificent.

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