Cats as Critics

You know that funny facial expression cats make after they’ve smelled certain things? Like feet with sweaty socks on, for instance. They’re processing the aroma through a sense that we humans don’t have. Which means we are at a loss to describe it.

But it’s not all feet and socks here. Some of these cats are very definite about smells that they don’t like. And whatever was in that dish on the table, that the cat decided ought to be buried forthwith–well, it couldn’t have been good for the cook’s self-esteem, to see that.

9 comments on “Cats as Critics

  1. Some of those expressions were priceless.

    My cat responds very negatively to the scent of alcohol. I had some rubbing alcohol on a cloth and she was very curious, until she took a deep sniff and bolted. She is no respecter of quality either, I’ve seen her do the same with single malt scotch.

  2. these were funny. my cat only seems to object to my hand cream. It is not strong, but has a faint perfume which he backs away from.

    1. That’s true. The only real exception I can think of is citrus (which some in the video tried)

    2. One of my cats loved corn! He would do all sorts of tricks when he smelled corn. He was so insistent, I couldn’t refuse 🙂

    3. Our cat Henry was crazy about corn–especially when it was corn on the cob, and I had to strip the cob. Oh, the sheer delight of corn silk! He could be sound asleep upstairs, and the moment the corn came out of the refrigerator, there he was.

    4. I don’t recall having any corn-loving cats, but I have experienced the minor miracle of a cat appearing milliseconds after you open the fridge to take out something they crave.

      About a year ago, I had dinner at a friend’s house as was sent home with a couple of turkey drumsticks, wrapped in aluminum foil. The cat must’ve smelled the turkey meat, because she went nuts. The next day, I ate some of the turkey meat and had to share with her. I was astounded by how much she consumed, and continued to consume for the next two days, until the drumsticks were bare.

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