Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo off Sidewalk is ‘Racist’

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If you need to visit Seattle anytime soon, you’d better wear galoshes.

It seems various people have been peeing and pooing on the sidewalks outside the courthouse. Two judges got indignant and ordered the mess cleaned up. Which was done with daily power-hosings.

Wrong! A city councilman has denounced the clean-up as “racist,” a “microaggression” that will trigger bad memories of cops training fire hoses on black protesters of the Civil Rights Era (

He’s a liberal, a Democrat, so to him, virtually everything is “racist.” Better, he believes, for people to have to tiptoe through piles of feces than to clean it up. Just leave it there on the sidewalk, right?

Yeah, liberals say the darnedest things. We laugh at them, but we won’t laugh so loud if they make it impossible for us to walk down the sidewalk without stepping into a pile of ca-ca.

Please don’t let them ever get back into power. Not ever.

9 comments on “Seattle Councilman: Washing Poo off Sidewalk is ‘Racist’

  1. These people are endangering themselves, but they are too deluded to realize it. I wonder what they would have to say after a bout of some feces-born disease.

    1. It’s only a public health problem if it self-identifies as a public health problem.

      And I wonder what the councilman would say if it was the sidewalk in front of his house instead of the court house.

  2. Besides being utterly disgusting, what I find ironic is dog walkers are, in most places, required to bring ‘pooper scoopers’ along when walking their dogs. Why? To pick up the poop of course. When did it happen that human feces is acceptable in our neighborhoods – on our sidewalks?!

  3. I read this a while back, and of all the disgusting things…I could not believe this.
    I have a hymn suggestion: Don Moen’s “I Am the God that Healeth Thee>”
    Maybe we can lift our thoughts up out of the filth for a couple of minutes.

    1. We can post that one tomorrow.
      I don’t cover these stories for my health, Erlene. We need to keep track of what’s going on. Libs are much more dangerous than they sound.

  4. You might want to wear steel soled shoes since Seattle has heroin rooms where addicts are supervised by a gov’t paid medical staff, and used needles are found all over town. Their mayor, Ed Murray, is currently being sued for sexual molestation of a teenager. Yes, the mayor is a Democrat.

  5. I’m sorry, Lee. I didn’t mean to sound critical of you. You are quite right about our needing to know these things, awful as they are. I haven’t been to Seattle in years, and I wouldn’t consider going there ever again. The State of Washington, which was my home for many years, has been turning left for quite a while, and sure enough, it fell off into the pit.

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