Tantalizing Your Cats

You just can’t help it sometimes: it’s fascinating the watch the way your cats react to things. Indeed, you can never be quite sure just how they’ll react. The guy in this video is probably lucky he didn’t get a set of claws dug into him.

Don’t worry–he doesn’t do anything mean to any of the cats. I don’t post videos like that. I like this one because it nicely displays the cat’s inner conflict, outwardly manifested, between curiosity and caution.

You can’t have that conflict unless you have intelligence.

4 comments on “Tantalizing Your Cats

  1. The way they walked up, almost in synch, was pretty funny. Cats are wonderful animals. A little taste of the truly wild, wrapped up in the most affectionate and sweetest companion animal imaginable.

    1. I read somewhere that cats have more facial muscles than humans and a wider range of facial expressions–if we could only learn to see them.

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