Extra-long, Extra-cute Kittens & Puppies

I hardly ever post videos this long; but if you’ve got ten minutes to invest in funny, sanity-inducing frolics by puppies and kittens, this one’s for you. Make believe it’s two regular-sized videos played back-to-back. And don’t miss what happens when a boxful of sleeping kittens all wake up at once.

2 comments on “Extra-long, Extra-cute Kittens & Puppies

  1. Well, I sure can’t pick a favorite. They’re all cute! 🙂 Sometimes, though, I find it difficult to comprehend the sense of humor of some humans.

    And if you have a minute more, here’s another cutie:

  2. Both videos were well worth the time. The adorable nature of puppies and kittens never ceases to amaze me. Yet another example of our Creator’s marvelous works.

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