Lack of Sleep is Killing Us, Scientist Says

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A whole cornucopia of big-time medical problems, from assorted cancers to galloping dementia, arise from a chronic shortage of sleep and could lead to “catastrophic” results for the whole human race, warns the director of the Center for Sleep Science (

Well, doc, I don’t think you’ll be surprised by anything you find in my neighborhood at night. Everybody’s got a floodlight aimed at everybody else. You could stand outside and read a newspaper at midnight on a moonless night. The people opposite my bedroom window have some kind of thousand-watt bulb burning all the time. I have to put cardboard over my windows to get my room reasonably dark.

We also have to run our bedroom air conditioner all night to mask the perpetual din of motorcycles roaring up and down the street–they only come out at night: apparently our local police are too bashful to give out tickets–people yelling at each other and playing really rotten music as loud as they can, and loud electronic beeps and whistles generated by I know not what.

Yes, a lot of gavones brag about getting by with just a few hours’ sleep a night. Never mind that sleep is a basic necessity of life, like food or water. They also seem inordinately eager to share their sleeplessness with others.

I don’t want to go to bed when the sun goes down and get up at daybreak. I like to relax by watching movies at night. But it would be mighty nice to get seven or eight hours of sleep regularly, and it’s too bad the culture that we live in seems determined not to allow it.


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  1. Lee, there’s a house for sale across the street from me you need to think about buying. Our residential neighborhood is so quiet at night the only thing to complain about is the crickets chirping and the frogs croaking. No one drives on our street unless they live on it. And the cost of living here in Fort Smith, Arkansas is considered the lowest in the nation. We are located five minutes from anything you would ever need. When should I expect you? ha ha.

  2. Inconsideration is a huge factor. Years ago, my parents home was near a restaurant and one weekend nights it was impossible to get any sleep until that place closed at 1-2 AM. It’s selfishness, plain and simple.

    I’ll use this as another soap box, as long as I’m here. I’m sick and tired of loud motorcycles. Now I have ridden motorcycles since I was 12 and I’m no hater of motorcycles, but why the hell do so many bikers replace their stock pipes with unmuffled or barely-muffled pipes?

    I can hear the chorus: “loud pipes save lives” to which I say POPPYCOCK!!!! Loud pipes do draw attention (which I believe is the true motive behind having them) but I don’t equate it to safety in any way. Overloading the senses of others on the road does not help them to notice you. I’d love to see a scientifically conducted survey of accident rates showing the difference between loud bikes and bikes which have retained their stock exhaust system.

    Every morning, I am passed by a guy on a Sportster with extended forks and straight pipes. I’m going 75 and he passes me rapidly, probably going between 90 and 100 MPH. Yep, he’s a Safety First kind of a guy.

    There’s no excuse for loud pipes on motorcycles and noise standards should be enforced universally.

    1. I agree on the “Loud Pipes Save Live” thing. I don’t ride a motorbike, but I do regularly drive a bicycle, and what saves us? … riding consistently and benign seen! Nothing like a very bright blinking red tail light to get driver’s attention, unless of course they are nose deep into their cellphone texting or scrolling through the latest FaceBook feed!

  3. Similar problem here. A restaurant opened up behind my house on the street behind me. From 7 am to 11 pm seven days a week, their motors (one for exhaust and one for air conditioning) run so offensively loud such that I can’t open my windows or side door for air, or even sit in my backyard. On top of that, the illegal Mexican aliens who work there boombox loud music, with a heavy base, all day long. I’ve written the mayor, the district rep and senator. Nada. I went to City Hall to pick up a claim form to file against the owner and was told there was a new policy in Small Claims Court that now requires proof of specific damages first, which proof includes a $1,000 noise report from a certified professional company. Speaking with neighbors, I was told they complained a couple years ago, but just about the motors and that recently, they complained about the loud noise the illegal Mexican aliens were making. The new SCC policy is more recent. Leftard bureaurats – gotta hate ’em.

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