Video Treat: Your Friendly Chameleon

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with the friendliest chameleon that I ever saw. You’d swear this lizard loves its owner! And is totally at ease with him.

Many years ago, we had a gorgeous pair of Jackson’s chameleons. The male of that species has three long horns on his head: most impressive. They were bursting with good health when we got them, ate crickets dusted with vitamin powder, zapping them at long range with their tongues… and in a few months, sickened and pined away. We then learned that was the experience most people had with pet chameleons. But much has been learned since then about keeping chameleons healthy, and now a lot of folks can manage it.

Meanwhile, dig those colors! I never saw a chameleon put on quite as gaudy a display as that. I wonder if selective breeding played a part: even years ago, chameleons bred readily in captivity.

When my Jacksons crawled up my forearm, their grip was very, very powerful and it sort of hurt. My iguana, who in other respects was quite friendly to them, hit the ceiling when the male tried to use his back as a ladder. Apparently the chameleon in this video has a gentler touch.

Chameleons never fail to fascinate me–another little bit of God’s stuff that He must have very much enjoyed creating!

4 comments on “Video Treat: Your Friendly Chameleon

  1. He certainly seemed quite engaged with his human friend. These amazing creatures attest to their Maker’s genius. The mechanism of their ability to change color is remarkably simple, yet obviously quite effective.

    1. Is that for real of photo-shopped? Whichever, really amazing! What a wonderful Creator we have.

      The chameleon reminds me of some people I know who claim they are Republicans but are really Rhinos.

    2. As far as I can tell, the video’s real. The chameleon’s spectacular color display is really something. My chameleons never did anything remotely like it.

    3. Spectacular! What beautiful creatures! I can’t even comprehend the mind of our God to create such wonder and beauty and share it with us.

      Thank you Lee and Unknowable.

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