100% Insincere ‘Protest’

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Hey! Remember what happened in football just a few years ago, when Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow decided to “take a knee” on the football field? Because his gesture was meant to thank and honor God, they ran him out of the league. The way the sports nooze media reacted, you’d think he was sprinkling holy water on Dracula.

Now it’s 2017 and you’ve got whole teams “taking the knee”–if you’re more fed up with that expression than I am, you probably qualify for a prize–to “protest” for some kind of “Social Justice” that has mysteriously eluded millionaire football players. And for the most part, the team owners are piously spouting gobbledygook in support of their players.

What pure distilled crapola.

Think back just a year or two. The Left is pouring it on the NFL, lawsuits over the Redskins’ name, massive action threatened on behalf of players who had suffered concussion as a result of playing football, constant complaints about every aspect of football, etc. It looked like they were trying to get rid of football altogether, undoubtedly because it had become a key fixture of American culture and lots of people liked it. Hating America as they do, leftids naturally hate whatever America likes.

Ah! But suddenly the owners get their chance to hop on board the Democrat Express! And hop they do. “Yo, look at us, we hate America, too! We are in solidarity”–ironic, the way that word was originally used in Poland to express opposition to communism–“with our players and their fight for Social Justice!”

Go ahead, idiots. Get America to hate you back, and see what that does for your profits.

Why is it so hard to learn that you shouldn’t even try to appease the unappeaseable? These “protests” are about things that didn’t happen, things that don’t happen, things that happened long ago and don’t happen anymore, things that someone failed to prevent the protesters from becoming millionaires–and there is no giving the protesters what they want, because they don’t know what they want and if they ever got it, they still wouldn’t be satisfied but would just go on to “protest” something else.

This is the legacy of President *Batteries Not Included, the only president we ever had who did his level best to stir up racial discord.

But more than that, it is the fruit of left-wing identity politics–which nowadays means exactly the same thing as Democrat politics.

Meanwhile, you heard it here: Give the protesters whatever it is they want, and they’ll just go on to protest something else–and probably something imaginary, at that.


5 comments on “100% Insincere ‘Protest’

  1. I am so sick of these spoiled brat cry babies. I NEVER watch the stupid game of football and wouldn’t no matter how patriotic or disrespectful they might be. People who are paid millions for just playing a stupid game and who are still not satisfied… words do not suffice. People of common sense are sick of your whining. Grow up, get a life and go get a real job. Or, there is a large continent of Africa where you might find what you want.

  2. “Give the protesters whatever it is they want, and they’ll just go on to protest something else–and probably something imaginary, at that.”

    I think you just nailed the issue.

  3. Target paid a heavy price for their transgender bathroom fiasco. Their bottom line was negatively affected. My prayer is that the NFL will experience the same form of enlightenment. This assault upon our moral and societal values is part of their plan. Order out of chaos. They’re looking for their phoenix.

  4. This will make a great post at NewsWithViews!! Sean Hannity said he is only watching Saturday football from now on. I wonder what he will do when the college players start taking a knee. And I wish some genius (maybe Hillary?) would define “social justice” and what it would look like.

    Funny how President Trump used reversed psychology on the Leftids. “You called us what? We’ll show you and all America how much we really hate this country.”

    1. I don’t like college football even a little bit. It’s terribly corrupt–athletes pretending to be students. Although given what college students are now, there can’t be much difference.

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