Libs Play to Coerce the Vote for ‘Gay Marriage’ in Australia

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In November Australians will vote on whether or not to inflict “gay marriage” on their country.

As always, because it’s in their DNA and they can’t change it, leftids are resorting to every dirty trick they know to get their way. They simply must have “gay marriage” and woe to anyone who stands in their way!

And so, as they always do, they’ve been personally attacking anyone who seems likely to vote “No” on pseudo-marriage. People have been fired from their jobs. Leftids got up a petition to revoke a doctor’s medical license–and also made death threats against her–for her stand for real marriage. A former prime minister was physically assaulted by a “Yes” voter.

Other Yessies are content merely to cancel lifelong friendships ( They do this because they genuinely cannot conceive of anyone having an opinion other than theirs. This is a trait of leftids everywhere. Well, hey, I admit I can’t relate to their wicked and absurd opinions.

What I want to know is: why? Why are they so fanatical in their devotion to this parody of marriage? Why are they willing to tear down the country to get it? And if you suggest it’s because their whole enterprise is satanic in its origin, I think you’re right.

And as soon as they do get “gay marriage,” they’ll be demanding something else–“trans” bathrooms, legalizing pedophilia, whatever the next card in the deck is. The demands will never stop. The Left will never be appeased.

It must be conquered.

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  1. The only real answer to why leftists are so fanatical about gays being gay together is – it’s demonically inspired. I do not say that lightly. The times we are living in are perilous. Jesus isn’t long in coming. Satan is frantic and furious. That, to me, is the only plausible answer.

  2. I figured they must be pushing this hard in Australia, because I’ve seen quite a few Aussies on Facebook sporting the rainbow flag. If they only knew. Facism is now disguised behind pretty rainbow colors. It seems to playing out just as it did here too. They shame and guilt anyone who disagrees with them.

    Let us be a cautionary tale Aussies. Your religious freedoms will be curtailed, it will be taught to your children rather you like it or not, your tv shows will promote it ad nauseam, and your bathrooms will have to accommodate transsexuals, and that’s just the beginning. The truth is they will never stop destroying the social order of society. I would like to be optimistic, but judging by the direction the world is going it doesn’t look good.

  3. Lee, you asked, “What I want to know is: why? Why are they so fanatical in their devotion to this parody of marriage? Why are they willing to tear down the country to get it?”

    I think the answer is in a reversal of the second question: They’re willing to get gay marriage in order to tear down the country. That’s what they’re doing in the USA, too. As the 1960s revolutionaries always said, “The issue is never the issue; the issue is the revolution.”

    1. Communists have always wanted to destroy the family, because it stood in the way of their dystopian fantasies. Marx and Engels were clear they wanted to abolish the family. There have been several attempts by Communists to have communes where they did away with the traditional nuclear family, but it didn’t work and they never lasted very long. But that hasn’t deterred them. SSM is a Trojan horse to to that means, and it has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Most of the people that support this and gleefully tout the rainbow flag don’t realize this, they think they are doing a good thing. But as Lenin said, they are useful idiots.

  4. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. In Alabama, the McConnell party ran millions of dollars of false TV ads about Judge Roy Moore. In one they even said he was against the 2nd Amendment, so at a big rally Moore was speaking at he mentioned this TV ad, then pulled out his revolver he carries in his pocket.

    1. I love Judge Moore! Interviewed him a couple of times. This is a man who started out so poor, he had to make his own furniture. I’d love to see him elected to the Senate–but he’d be even better as Chief Justice of SCOTUS.

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