The Cats’ No Kissing Zone

I’m happy to say my cats enjoy being kissed. They might as well: it isn’t going to stop. And we make sure they get a lot of practice. But the cats in this video don’t like it at all, and have several ways to tell you son. Note how carefully they avoid hurting the tomfool humans who don’t get the message.

9 comments on “The Cats’ No Kissing Zone

  1. These guys mean it – no means no lol. The first one that kept whacking the guy is hilarious, and the one toward the end with her eyes closed kept having a few second delay in squeaking her objection – or maybe it was approval? Either way, it was cute.

    My cats never minded kisses. In fact, they many times would smoosh my face for a kiss. 🙂

    1. Aren’t kitty kisses sweet 🙂

      How is she doing these days? Hopefully the medication – and prayers – have levelled her out.

    2. Well, it sure looks like they have! Her numbers are back down to normal and she has begun to put her weight back on–for which I give thanks to the Lord, who has heard our prayers.

  2. I’m glad to hear that Robbie is doing well on her thyroid meds.

    That gray tabbie that made terrible faces and meowed as soon as a kiss was coming, was my favorite. The white cat that meowed after each kiss was a very close second.

    My cat is a good kiss giver, but not much on being a kiss receiver. I’ve had the paw in the face routine many, many times.

  3. My last cat, CoCo, was a real smoocher — I was often the one who had to push him away after a while. But my current cat, Iggy, does NOT like being approached from the front of his face at all, even for head-petting. I have to approach him from behind his head, and then he’ll let me pet him and even kiss him on top of his head.

    Our cats certainly do work hard at training us, don’t they? 🙂

    1. “Our cats certainly do work hard at training us, don’t they?”

      You nailed it. What we thing of as entertaining cat videos are actually training films, the content of which is controlled by cats. 🙂

    2. Rabbits are the same way – they can’t see right in front of their nose so you have to be careful. Now when it comes to being petted and massaged, a rabbit will sit for it as long as your doing it.

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