They Still Like Communism

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The New York Times spent much of the 1930s publishing Walter Duranty’s astoundingly dishonest reports about how wonderfully everything was going, inside Stalin’s Russia. No man-made famines here, folks! No gulags, no firing squads! Just another workers’ paradise!

Well, the times have changed, but the Times hasn’t. Did you know they’ve been running a series of articles celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution–and the birth of an empire of wickedness that murdered at least 100 million people in the 20th century alone? Or, as the NYT puts it, “well-intentioned people trying to build a better world” ( The thrust of the series, aptly called “The Red Century,” red being the color of shed blood, seems to be an overpowering desire to give communism one more chance. “This time we can do it without the  barbed wire and the mass graves and yanking people out of their beds at midnight and putting them on trial for things they never did–honest!”

There is not now, and has never been, a communist regime that didn’t have to keep its people there by force. What do you suppose they were all running away from? Multitudes of people risked their lives–some unsuccessfully!–trying to get out of communist countries. Do the editors of the Times honestly not know that?

Nah, they’re liberals. And to leftids, colossal human suffering is just part of any well-intentioned attempt to build a better world.

6 comments on “They Still Like Communism

  1. Do all these idiot elite supporters of Communism really believe they’re not on the expendable list of someone more elite than they? Idiots! These people are not above eating their young – which includes all those complicit in carrying out these abominations!

    Jesus said to fish from the right side of the boat. Think about that.

  2. If it wasn’t for Mexico’s billionaire Carlos Slim, the NYTimes might be out of business. But then again, Jeff Bezos would probably buy it.

    When Hugh Hefner died this week, the NYT spent more print covering his life than they did that of William F. Buckley.

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