Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 ‘Revolution’

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As if on cue from the New York Times, with its laudatory 30-part series celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the leftid thugs of Antifa are openly calling for, and planning, massive, nationwide riots and disruptions for Nov. 4 (“It begins!” is their threat), aimed at toppling President Donald Trump and shoving Crooked Hillary into the White House (

But don’t take my word for it. There’s the link to their website.

See, America’s lawfully elected government has to be violently overthrown for the sake of “the future of humanity and the planet itself.”

Why aren’t these people being arrested?

Or are we just gonna let ’em try to do it?

Oh, well–next time (Heaven forbid) there’s a Democrat president… we’ll know what to do.

17 comments on “Antifa Calls for Nov. 4 ‘Revolution’

  1. Trump calls the New York Times ‘the Failing Times’ with good reason. Much, if not all, the mainstream media is bought and paid for by the elite leftist/communist society killers.

    1. The thing that troubles me the most is that bad people will always try to do what they say they’re going to do. Breakers ahead, captain.

    1. This is one of the things that’s been troubling me: that the push to associate kneeling with disrespect will ultimately prevent people from kneeling to SHOW respect for the Lord, or will make them seem to be disrespecting Him instead.

      The left takes everything beautiful and tries to make it ugly. That’s a mark of Satan’s work — he can’t create, but only destroy.

    2. That seems to be why they’re ‘taking the knee’ (I know – I’m sick of it too). They’re not actually kneeling on two knees in prayer. The day they corrupt our worship is the day I’ll be praying for lightning to come down on them.

    3. Yes, like the rainbow as our covenant assurance of not more world-wide floods. Obama used its colors to light up the White House in celebration of same-sex marriage. Why didn’t lightning strike it?

    4. If anything God is long suffering. I believe there were 120 years from the time God said he would destroy the world with a flood, until the first drop fell. There is always that interim period where people are given a chance to repent, but when when Judgment does start, look out!

    5. I have become increasingly convinced that the spread of pure evil in our day is going to work to God’s favor in the long run. As more and more people see the bad fruitage from sin, there may be greater understanding imparted to huge masses whom might not otherwise take note.

    6. Yes, He uses it as a way of separating the wheat from the chaff, and the sheep from the goats. When all is said and done, those who want to be with God will be, and those that don’t wont. Only then will there be eternal peace.

    7. That’s it, this is a separating work. The beauty of this is that when judgment arrives people will be judged fairly and compassionately, in great part, because they will have placed themselves where they have chosen to be. The truly wicked will stand against God and will have literally chosen their fate.

    1. Yes, that’s right Watchman. Another example is when God cursed the people of Canaan for their wickedness, but it was hundreds of years later before Joshua brought God’s judgment upon them.

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