Memory Lane: ‘Lamp Unto My Feet’ TV Show

Lamp Unto My Feet

It’s almost impossible to imagine this on network television nowadays: Lamp Unto My Feet, an hour-long religious anthology show that aired on Sunday mornings from 1948 to 1979. But we are living in a time of cultural disaster.

Now I have to admit I never saw this show. We went to church or Sunday school on Sunday mornings, and didn’t watch TV. And from the descriptions I’ve read, maybe it was just a tad too interfaith, too world-friendly for me. If they brought it back today, it would be recast as a multicultural parody of itself.

But the whole idea, by today’s debauched standards, is radical. I mean, you turn on your TV and there’s a great actor like James Earl Jones playing in a drama intended to edify a Christian or Jewish audience! If you had that today, Organized Atheism would howl its lungs out and some Christ-hating judge would shut you down.

Too bad we can only imagine it.

3 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Lamp Unto My Feet’ TV Show

  1. It’s amazing how far we’ve moved away from the Judeo/Christian ethic. Just typing Christian into my iPad, it suggests ways to complete the word, but the word Christian is only suggested as a last resort. When I typed Judeo it changed it to Jude, without asking my opinion.

  2. It seems the Christian church in America abrogated its cultural mandate to be the light and the salt when the Pre-Trib Rapture doctrine took hold in evangelical churches. Remember Hal Lyndsey’s “The Late, Great Planet?” With all the talent among God’s elect, and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, why aren’t Christians making the best movies, TV shows, and music?

    1. It goes farther back than Hal Lindsey–in America, back to Cyrus Scofield over 100 years ago. Don’t bother to do anything, Jesus is coming tomorrow. I think Paul had to chide the Thessalonians for that.

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