Cats, Connoisseurs of Sleep

(Did I spell that word right? A miracle!)

Yo, cats, listen up! I’m hear to tell you that if you ever slept that soundly in the wild, you’d be halfway eaten before you could open one eye. So let’s hear it for us humans, who provide you with this lovely environment that lets you explore every nook and cranny of the realm of Morpheus! (I’ve always wanted to use that expression, but somehow the chance never came up.)

5 comments on “Cats, Connoisseurs of Sleep

  1. They really do take the prize in knowing how to drop off anywhere, any time, and no matter how much noise, remain blissfully unaware.

    1. There are books you could read that might conk you out pretty quick, but it would be bad manners for me to mention any by name.

  2. The Beatniks (from the word sputnik) would call each other cats. That is some cool cats in that video, especially the one who shoots his tongue out a mile a minute while he saws zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

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