Missouri Court Sides with Satanist

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As reported by The Progressive Secular Humanist (who else?), a Missouri appeals court has upheld a satanist’s lawsuit against the state’s abortion laws (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2017/09/satanic-temple-fights-abortion-rights-missouri/).

Yep, they’re sending it on to the Missouri Supreme Court because, they say, the satanist’s suit “raises real and substantial constitutional issues” and–wait for it!–the state’s abortion laws violate her “sincerely-held religious beliefs.”

Since when did secular humanists give a rip for anyone’s religious beliefs, sincere or otherwise, except their own? And sincerity doesn’t count for all that much: otherwise we’d have sincere Huitzilopochtli worshipers cutting people’s hearts out.

The satanist finds it insupportable that Missouri law makes you wait 72 hours before assassinating your unborn baby, and she’s really steamed that they try to get you to read pamphlets about the humanity of unborn children. That’s so different from forcing Christians into “sensitivity training”!

Yowsah. This is all about “a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare.” That’s Leftid for killing your baby.

And so we find anti-human humanists in bed with satanists. Who would’ve thought it?

Get down on your knees beside Poland, America, and join her in praying for deliverance.

5 comments on “Missouri Court Sides with Satanist

  1. Yes, it is getting more and more bizarre, satanic and evil. To think, the state I was born in has come to this.

  2. If any of these idiots cared at all about a woman’s ‘reproductive health’, they’d be on street corners with condoms and birth control pills rather than in court shoving murder down the throats of Americans who don’t want to pay for their crimes.

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