‘Insane Abortion Law Dies in Committee’ (2019)

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A silly monster cartoon is as far as I’ll go.

Hey! What say we allow the killing of a baby as he’s being born? Like, ambush the little so-and-so just as he’s emerging from the womb!

That’s what Democrats (who else?) in the Virginia legislature wanted to do, a few years ago. A wave of public revulsion stopped them.

Insane Abortion Law Dies in Committee

Do you really need to ask why our country needs revival? Look at the villains who, um, “govern” us. Look at their public policies. God defend us, look at the schools!

Beware. Next time they run this atrocity up the flagpole, they’ll remember to create the illusion of public support.

‘March to a Dumping Ground’ (R.J. Rushdoony)

Landfills have a huge greenhouse gas problem. Here's what we can do about  it. |

No one was more on the ball than R.J. Rushdoony. The trends he analyzed in this 1976 essay were all but invisible to most observers at the time. It’s taken 50 years for us to see how right he was.


You start with secular humanism, the worship of man; you get rid of Christianity, the worship of All-righteous God; and by and by, with one failure after another, your humanism slides into existentialism, into despair… and your humanism becomes anti-humanism. You also revolt against reality. Voila.

How did Rushdoony see so clearly?

Through the lens of Scripture, and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.


The Rotten Heart of Hyper-Humanism

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They’re trying to scare us to death with The Omicron Variant (by Robert Ludlum?)… and is it really too late for them to snatch our Christmas from us?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Dude, you don’t understand the threats we face! At any minute it could all go up in smoke! All those COVID variants, past, present, and yet to come! Climate Change! The Jan. 6 Insurrection! Oh there’s just no end to it!

Ah, but–Government to the rescue! Big government. Really, really big.

This is what normal people don’t understand about hyper-humanism. Hyper-humanists genuinely, passionately believe that they should be gods (because the real one doesn’t exist, blah-blah) and that they, as gods, must control everything. Must and can. Everything.

Give them enough power, enough money, enough Science, and they will protect us from anything that might harm us. The sun’s heat output, or shortfall thereof. Volcanoes. Ocean currents. Continental drift. And that’s just for starters, that’s just warmups. They’re also going to wipe out war, poverty, disease, inequality (?? what do they even mean by that?), and eventually… death itself. Immortality for everyone who gets himself uploaded into a computer.

And at the very heart of it, the insatiable lust for power over others. And if COVID can get it for them, they’ll keep COVID around forever. They control us with fear, so they have to reserve stuff for us to be afraid of. So we cling to their skirts and weep into their aprons. Watch for Systemic Racism to be around forever, too. “With just a little more power, we can beat it!” We’ve already heard them say these things.

Smite them, O God. Amen.

South Korea: ‘Remove Human Contact’

Don't Live Your Life In a Bubble – AIER

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.)

Something very bad is brewing in South Korea: a scheme “to cut human interaction to build an ‘untact’ society”–that is, to “remove human contact” from ordinary transactions in everyday life (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/10/south-korea-cuts-human-interaction-in-push-to-build-untact-society).

Starting in 2020, South Korea began “removing layers of human interaction” by using robots to sterilize library books (!) and setting up “unmanned shops” staffed by machines, not people. It’s supposed to protect your anonymity–as if Big Tech doesn’t already track everything you do on your computer.

A few misgivings have been voiced, but only a few. Hey! Other people carry germs! Cut out the human contact, and no one will get sick.

I like the checkout clerks in our supermarket and the other shops we visit regularly. I present small Christmas gifts to our laundress and to the lady who owns and works very hard at our Chinese restaurant. They deserve to feel appreciated. I like exchanging greetings and chit-chat with them. You can’t do that with a robot unless there’s something wrong with you.

I thought I’d better mention this nooze, if only to alert people to fight against it if the “untact” movement comes to America–disguised as a means to keep us… “safe”–a word which is beginning to have somewhat sinister connotations–and guarantee us good service at our stores.

The last thing anybody needs is to be living in a bubble. This has got to be among the most toxic ideas I’ve ever heard.

The Masks Are Back (*sigh)

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I happened to be outside when St. Francis School, across the street, dismissed its pupils for the day.

All the kids were wearing masks. The masks are back.

This is not normal life, to wear a mask all day. I have just read a teacher lamenting that he never sees his students’ faces anymore. Seeing each others’ faces is an important part of natural human communication. Our “leaders” have mandated it out of our lives.

King COVID rules, and his henchmen demand–and mostly get–extraordinary power over our lives. And there’s no indication of how long this will go on, how long we’re expected to put up with it. You never run out of germs, you know. And now we never run out of mandates.

Hyper-humanism declares that there’s nothing government cannot do, if we give it enough power and great dripping chunks of our money. Once the new system’s up and running, no one will get sick. Although if they do, it can only be because someone, somewhere, disobeyed a mandate. Can’t have that, can we? More power, more power! And eventually we grow the government to the point where nothing bad can never happen anymore.

This is madness. This is heathen madness.

Rushdoony: ‘The End Game of Humanistic Law’

R. J. Rushdoony: Champion of Faith and Liberty – Christ Rules

R.J. Rushdoony’s essays, written in the 1970s and 80s and collected in Roots of Reconstruction, seem even more applicable today than they were back then. Like this one, for instance:


What are the three guiding principles of humanistic law? Answers Rushdoony: control of other people (the more, the better), redistribution of wealth and property, and enforced conformity.

You’re not going to tell me that’s changed, are you?

Humanism is this weird ideology–or rather, a species of false religion–that preaches the perfectibility of man by man–through coercion, violence, and deceit. Breakin’ the eggs to make the omelet. Because the end game is an earthly paradise, any and all means to that end are justified.

Even stealing an election.

‘The Sex-Bots Are Coming’ (2016)

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Never mind a picture of a sex-bot, they’re all horrible. Here’s a nice kudu instead.

This was forecast as the big cultural trend of 2016–

The Sex-Bots Are Coming

Yeah! Who needs flesh-and-blood people, with souls and feelings, when a fancy machine can provide you with all the companionship, nd all the sex, you’ll ever need? Okay, you could have long heart-to-heart talks with your toaster-oven, but robots are cooler.

It’s a wonder our freedom and prosperity have lasted as long as they have.

‘UK Christianity: Is It Over?’

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I think of the British martyrs, going all the way back to Saints Aaron and Julius, and St. Alban, in Roman times–and if grieves me to see the state of our mother country. Not that we’re exactly swimming in holiness on this side of the Atlantic.

UK Christianity: Is It Over?

Reading British fiction gives me the impression that Christianity was in deep trouble in Britain over a hundred years ago. And the two world wars didn’t help.

But, oh, depressing thought! Replacing God, replacing Jesus Christ Our King, with your… “friends.”

I don’t think I can think of anything more hopeless than that.

Trying to be a Cheerleader (with Bonus Hymn)

Among people who know me well, the word “optimist” is not likely to spring to mind. But as a member of the Chalcedon Foundation’s ministry, I can’t indulge that aspect of my personality. I have to try to be a cheerleader. My editor, Susan, thinks that’s a very funny position for me to occupy.

Listen to the hymn while I collect my thoughts. John Bunyan and Maddy Prior are better morale officers than I could ever be.

This is a dark period in history. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t know that. We try to defend our Christian culture, but the ungodly attack from all directions. And I wind up writing about it, which doesn’t exactly pump me up and which I’m sure is no picnic for my readers. But we can’t just stand there and say everything is peachy, can we?

Everything is not peachy, and we might as well know it. If the human race were actually to do all the things that the ungodly insist we do, it would surely go extinct. Even if they got their world government, it would soon have no one left to govern.

What can any of us say? Trust in God and in His word, pray, comfort and support each other, speak nothing but the truth, put our heads down and work in Christ the King’s service–and grab a laugh when we can get it.

Because the last laugh will be God’s: He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh (Psalm 2: 4).

When ‘Science’ Sounded Like Himmler

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You wouldn’t think I could get into much trouble, reading a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery by Dorothy L. Sayers. The one I’m reading now is Gaudy Night, set at a women’s college in Oxford. It’s important to remember, at all times, that this was published in 1936.

Consider this bit of conversation. One character, opposed to capital punishment, says murderers must be “kept from doing further harm. But they ought not to be punished and they certainly ought not to be killed.”

To which one of her fellow academics replies, “I suppose they ought to be kept in hospitals at vast expense, along with other unfit specimens… Speaking as a biologist, I must say I think public money might be better employed. What with the number of imbeciles and physical wrecks we allow to go about and propagate their species, we shall end by devitalizing whole nations.”

“Miss Schuster-Slatt [an American] would advocate sterilization,” said the Dean.

“They’re trying it in Germany, I believe,” said Miss Edwards [the biologist]. ****

Hello? Did someone invite Heinrich Himmler to give a series of guest lectures at this college?

Well, no. They were just talkin’ eugenics, which was Settled Science once upon a time, between the world wars. The West–primarily Britain and America–was talkin’ it, and passing laws against reproduction by “the unfit”; but in Nazi Germany they shifted eugenics into high gear and started killing people. After all, it’s a sure way of getting rid of the unfit.

And Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, to get rid of the unfit by means of abortion.

So we had all this Nazi stuff floating around in our culture, believed in by the best and smartest people, no one dared venture into Eugenics Denial for fear of being mocked and cast out of polite society.

A lot of people shut up about eugenics after it became well known how the Nazis put it to work. The word “eugenics” fell out of use. Nobody wanted to sound like Himmler.

But it was there–respected, exalted, socially acceptable, absolutely a part of our culture. In Gaudy Night we see it in Britain in 1936, before the Nazis started bombing London.

We see it even more vividly in Agatha Christie’s Curtain, written during World War II but not published till 1975. The ideas most commonly associated with the Third Reich were deemed respectable in Britain–even while the Germans were attacking and it was an open question whether Britain would survive.

The evils of our own day have deep roots. Very deep indeed.

May Jesus Christ defend us.