Comment Contest Reminder

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Don’t anybody say I’m giving you short notice: there are only about 300 comments to go to reach lucky 20,000, and whoever posts that comment wins a prize.

A pyramid with your name on it–in neon hieroglyphics! A weekend on Solitude Island in the Siberian Arctic, with the celebrity of your choice! Rhinestone socks signed by Joe Collidge!

Or, if my plans for those prizes fall through, an autographed copy of one of my books.

Anyone can play, and all comments are eligible except: comments abusive to me or to another reader; blasphemy; any use of the f-bomb; ads thinly disguised as comments (it’s insulting); or comments simply to vapid to bother with.

Other than that, anything goes.

5 comments on “Comment Contest Reminder

  1. I was hoping for the weekend on Solitude Island – until I discovered it was in Siberia! Besides, your books always win out 🙂

  2. If I win the stay on Solitude Island in Siberia, may I send the celebrity of choice on ahead of me and then forget to accompany him (or her)? The difficulty would be in choosing the celebrity. Their name is Legion. 🙂

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