Nothing But the Tooth

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*Sigh*  Well, I tried, in my ham-fisted way, to reattach the lost crown. But it has these two little posts in it and I just couldn’t find the holes they’re supposed to fit into, so it’s off to the dentist tomorrow or the next day. Please pray they can simply glue it back without a fuss. They did it once before, with a different tooth. This crown is in better shape than that one was, so maybe they can. Amen!

Funny, isn’t it, how these things always happen on a Sunday or Christmas (yeah, I spent one Christmas morning at the dentist’s)?

Again, *sigh*.

8 comments on “Nothing But the Tooth

  1. I can certainly relate with this one I will pray for you. Oddly enough, on one side of my lower jaw, the only good tooth is the one with the crown.
    go figure

  2. I’m praying it will be an easy fix, Lee. Problems with teeth are sure no fun, and it figures that it would be a weekend.

  3. I broke a tooth on a popcorn seed years ago. My dentist put some gunk on it until I could make an appointment for a crown. I still have never made that appointment – the gunk is holding up just fine.

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