Comment Contest: Less than 200 to Go

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I’m giving you fair warning: the comments are moving along briskly toward No. 20,000, and whoever posts that milestone comment will win a prize.

I’m afraid some of the really snazzy prizes I was looking at have fallen through, although the lease on the Hoover Dam is still in the running. Otherwise, the winner will receive an autographed copy of one of my books.

Quite a few of you have already won one of these contests, and it’s open to all. Just about any kind of comment is eligible, except for those abusive of anyone else on this site, any containing profanity or blasphemy, thinly disguised ads for goods and services that somehow get past the spam filter, or remarks simply too inane to bother with. Other than that, you’re good to go.

4 comments on “Comment Contest: Less than 200 to Go

  1. Once before I entered a contest (my first and only). I actually won a year’s supply of Larabar snack bars. I love Larabars. So, now I’m hoping for that autographed book. P.S. I really enjoy your insight and observations about the current state of affairs. And just for the record, here is my instruction to most of the world: “You need Jesus”.

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