Sanity Break: Hungry Bunnies

All right, so I’m on a rabbit kick. I can’t help it.

This video should put to rest the idea that rabbits don’t eat.

In the one clip, I can’t decide whether it’s the tiniest bunny or the biggest strawberry that I’ve ever seen.

“thewhiterabbit,” I do envy you your bunnies!

4 comments on “Sanity Break: Hungry Bunnies

  1. Rabbits are always eating. They especially love sweet things. Bananas are like crack for bunnies, they go wild for it.

  2. Too cute! 🙂 I’m not sure about the bunny and strawberry either. Maybe it’s both! It’s fascinating to watch how fast they chew – kind of like squirrels. It seems almost impossible for anything to chew that fast..

    1. I noticed the same thing. A couple of those little guys could pick up extra money as a tree chipper. 🙂

      Such soft faces. As soft as they look, they are actually the leanest of all mammals.

  3. Bunnies are so fun to watch eating because they chew sideways instead of up and down. Our house rabbit will slurp down curly parsley the way the bunny in the video did the dandelion. Carrots and sweet fruits should only be given as special treats, otherwise they can harm the rabbits sensitive digestive system. As we say in our Bunny House, “Rabbits Rule!!”

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