Alice in Pornyland

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No, I will not post a picture from the crummy music video. Here’s a nice painted turtle sunning herself instead.

You wonder about a culture that can produce Harvey Weinstein and other sexual predators. That sort of thing has never been exactly unknown in Hollywood–but I think the wider culture around Hollywood is becoming more like Hollywood, and that’s not a happy thought.

F’rinstance: Looking for something else, I stumbled over a story about Taylor Swift’s hot new music video–her “dark, futuristic music video” ( Oh, boy. Something dark and futuristic. Just what we needed.

In this artistic effort, for which she is being lavishly praised and lavishly rewarded, the 27-year-old pop diva–do you really wonder why I try to stay away from popular culture?–wears a “nude-colored bodysuit” which really does look nude, “and at one point, strikes down an adversary with lightning out of her hands.” Again, oh boy.

She’s supposed to be a cyborg. Part human, part machine, superior to both. Can I say oh boy again?

I think there’s going to be more sexual predation, not less.

Pray hard. It may be God will intervene.

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  1. It seems to be everywhere. Yesterday, while checking out at the supermarket, I was treated to the cover of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new magazine, complete with a nude phot on the cover. She is covered in mud, which is probably an improvement. While she is physically quite beautiful, nothing that I’ve heard about her character would lead me to believe that her personality is, in any way, beautiful.

    I guess that talent only gets you so far in this world and sex always sells, so we see it in music videos and anyplace else there’s a buck to be made. Strangely, many women that speak out against sexual stereotypes, objectification and exploitation seem perfectly willing to participate in the creation of sexually charged images of themselves.

    1. I pray the Lord intervenes in all of this mess for the sake of our grandchildren who otherwise don’t stand a chance in this fallen world. Every time I think it couldn’t fall any further, it does.

    2. You’re so right, Unknowable. We talk about that sometimes – we can’t imagine what our grandparents would think of these times and actually are glad they didn’t have to witness it.

    3. My father died in the early ‘80s and was quite frightened by the AIDS epidemic. He had strong moral standards and was quite put off by the reasons behind that epidemic. He’d be apoplectic these days.

  2. Taylor Swift, like so many others, starts out with the image of the girl next door who would wait until marriage before she had sex, then “socially evolves” into borderline porn. Reminds of the sensation of Miley Cyrus swinging around naked on a wrecking ball.

    The center of the porn industry is a few miles from Hollywood, so when actors can’t find work from Harvey Weinstein types, they mosey on over to do some porn to tide them over.

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