Alice in Pornyland

Image result for images of turtle sunning itself

No, I will not post a picture from the crummy music video. Here’s a nice painted turtle sunning herself instead.

You wonder about a culture that can produce Harvey Weinstein and other sexual predators. That sort of thing has never been exactly unknown in Hollywood–but I think the wider culture around Hollywood is becoming more like Hollywood, and that’s not a happy thought.

F’rinstance: Looking for something else, I stumbled over a story about Taylor Swift’s hot new music video–her “dark, futuristic music video” ( Oh, boy. Something dark and futuristic. Just what we needed.

In this artistic effort, for which she is being lavishly praised and lavishly rewarded, the 27-year-old pop diva–do you really wonder why I try to stay away from popular culture?–wears a “nude-colored bodysuit” which really does look nude, “and at one point, strikes down an adversary with lightning out of her hands.” Again, oh boy.

She’s supposed to be a cyborg. Part human, part machine, superior to both. Can I say oh boy again?

I think there’s going to be more sexual predation, not less.

Pray hard. It may be God will intervene.

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