And We Have a Winner!

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Comment No. 20,000–hit it right on the nose, in fact–has been posted by “thewhiterabbit,” who thereby wins this latest comment contest.

I’m sorry that that last big prize fell through, and we will not have an undiscovered land mass named for him. They couldn’t discover one in time. So “thewhiterabbit” wins an autographed copy of one of my books.

So… let me know which book you want, and then email me your mailing address at

There will be more comment contests down the road, so if you want to win one someday, stay with me. And keep those comments coming!

8 comments on “And We Have a Winner!

  1. Congratulations, thewhiterabbit! And the book will be far more enjoyable than some silly old land mass — which the EPA wouldn’t have let you use anyway.

  2. I figured this contest was going to be rigged. I’ve been commenting like crazy so I could win – – – wait a second, White Rabbit won!!! and that’s me!!! I take it all back – Lee is the fairest man in bloggerland.

    Thanks for the congrats!! I love all you lovers of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

    1. Don’t forget to send me your address and tell me what book you want.

      I would love to get No. 10 out in time for Christmas, but it never seems to pan out that way.

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