Oh, Boy! A New ‘Religion’

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Some people seem not to understand what a religion is, anymore. Any definition that would cover all the world’s religions would be so broad and vague that it wouldn’t apply to any one of them. But even without such a definition, we ought to be able to tell the difference between “religion” and humbug.

The new pseudo-religion of “kopimism” has recently made its way here from Sweden, where genuine religion appears to be in trouble (https://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2012/04/20/kopimism-swedens-pirate-religion-begins-to-plunder-america). Although it’s been recognized as a religion by the Swedish government, critics say it’s nothing but window-dressing for Internet piracy.

Its head honcho, all of 20 years old, explains that kopimism (derived from “copy me”) is the sacred ritual of file-sharing, a ritual that concludes with the words, “copied and seeded.” He explains, “Data is what we are made of, data is what defines our life, and data is how we express ourselves… Information is holy, and that act of copying is holy.” Do you think this guy knows what the word “holy” means? I don’t.

But it’s really cool because it has no deity, so “spiritual” types will really like it. In Sweden it claims some 3,000 members.

As G.K. Chesterton said, when you stop believing in God, you don’t believe in nothing; you’ll believe in anything. And as R.J. Rushdoony observed, those who refuse to serve the real God are condemned to serve false gods.

Presuming that these people are sincere, and not just trying to steal other people’s stuff under cover of religion, what is this but pure idolatry–the worship of things made by human minds and hands?

Our fallen world does not need new religions. It needs Jesus Christ, the only One who can save it, and who is by right its natural Lord, the King of Kings.

Anything else is simply not true.

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  1. Wow – having done file sharing and copying since the early eighties – I bet I could qualify for a honorary bishop’s position in that one.. lol All kidding aside however, if God had intended us to copy and paste his teachings it would take all the love, sincerity and passion out of it. Our greatest love is to share His word, and be as close to Christlike as we can with those we meet and share with. Love ya Lee – keep up the good work finding funnies and making us think. All Good.

  2. I guess that a “religion” can be anything the founder wants it to be. That doesn’t make it a form of worship however, at least not worship of the Creator. This strikes me as a cheap attempt to justify behavior, just like the Church of Love makes a religion out of promiscuity.

  3. It sounds more like a piracy cult. This reminds me of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which is a parody of religion that is meant to mock actual religion. These faux religions even fail at imitation. They have not changed the course of human history, they can’t change men’s hearts, they can’t provide hope and comfort in times of needs, and most importantly they can’t provide for salvation.

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