Pets With Attitude

I think I might have posted this once before, but it’s still funny. Here are some cats, dogs, and birds in need of attitude adjustments. Tally-ho!

12 comments on “Pets With Attitude

  1. Wow, that shook up my cat that was sleeping when the loud mouth Siamese started up. He came in and jumped on the computer desk to
    look behind the monitor to see who was hiding and having a fit back there.

    1. In any number of these videos, what strikes me is the very distinct personalities and individuality of these animals. Birds, dogs, cars, horses, turtles, they all seem to know exactly what they want.

    2. A lot of people never come to see that–and it’s their loss.
      I wish I had video of my cat Henry arguing with me, word for word, over his assumed right to grab the little plastic baserunners in my Strat-O-Matic baseball game.

    3. Without benefit of symbolic language, animals can still signal quite effectively. My cat will, at times, open her mouth and make just the slightest sound, which I interpret as contentment. Other times, she will make noises that would scare a grizzly bear.

    4. Indeed. God knows how to give good gifts to all of His creation. – and how to share them with all of us too 🙂

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