When A Crow Hits Your Trash Can

Here’s a raven–at the Tower of London, no less–pulling garbage out of the can.

But the crow I watched today, next door, made this bird look like an amateur. Someone had left a full garbage can uncovered, and a crow very industriously emptied it out, looking for tasty tidbits left by careless humans. What a mess he made! And he looked like he enjoyed doing it, too.

Bird Does Microwave

I can’t tell the difference between the microwave and the cockatiel imitating the microwave. But what’s really cool about this video is the bird trying to figure it all out. It’s obvious that this is an alert, intelligent creature trying to make sense of his surroundings. Just how smart are they… really?

Birdy Baby-Sitter

(I think I might’ve posted this once before, but my head’s like a sieve today.)

You don’t have to be a mammal to play cozy with a human baby. Look at the cockatiel: you’d think he took courses in it.

And don’t worry–there’s a cat on hand to supervise.

She’s a Hit with Magpies

First she shares her laundry with them. Then she gives them toys and takes them for walks. That’s how you make friends with magpies. I don’t know if everybody can do this. At another time and place, this young woman would have become a figure in folklore.

An Important Message from Birb the Bird

It was only a matter of time before someone dared to go public with this information. That we had to wait for a cockatiel to do it only underscores the gravity of the situation.

But at least he’s eloquent! Nothing could be clearer than his exposition of the problem. Now it remains for us to decide what to do about it…

Serenading the Dog

Why is the cockatiel singing to the dog while the dog eats? Does anybody recognize the tune?

Our family dog used to pretend to be asleep so that birds would come down to nibble at his dog food. He would then catch them and eat them.

Domestication certainly changes things!

Is That Hummingbird Keeping You Awake?

I couldn’t resist this–a hummingbird, sound asleep… and snoring. Who knew birds could snore?

Our cats snore sometimes. And make other little noises in their sleep. But you expect that from cats and dogs. If you watch them sleeping, you can even guess what they’re dreaming about.

Betcha anything birds dream!

Sanity Break: A Musical Cockatiel

How many of you read that headline as “musical cocktail”? But no, it’s a musical bird–who’s learned to whistle the theme music from the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon, “Steamboat Willie.”

I offer this as a little oasis of sanity in a desert of nooze.

It’s My Tern!

What can you say? Baby birds are cute! I love the way this baby tern waddles excitedly back and forth, eagerly awaiting dinner; and his parents bring him a nice fresh baitfish–a sand eel–and try to teach him how to eat it. Without hands, teeth, knife, or fork. Try it sometime.

Birds & Babes

How do these birds know not to take a chunk out of a baby? And how do the babies know not to squeeze or swat at the bird? There seems to be some kind of understanding here… which I don’t understand.