‘Diversity’ Kills

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The bloodthirsty loon who killed eight people in New York City yesterday, by running them over with a pickup truck, was able to do so because of an insane government program called… The Diversity Visa Lottery! (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/11/01/nyc-terror-attack-suspect-sayfullo-saipov-entered-us-through-diversity-visa-program.html)

Ain’t that great? Because “diversity” is an end in itself–especially the kind of “diversity” that only exists because idiots in high places go far out of their way to create it–we had this lottery for people from countries with few immigrants to the USA. This waste of space was from the Islamic paradise of Uzbekistan. He won the lottery! And America lost.

Liberals in government are extremely dangerous to the people they pretend to govern. Eight innocent people are dead because of this dozy lottery scheme. And we have one Muslim terrorist recovering nicely in the hospital, after getting winged by a police bullet, and bragging about what he’s done for good ol’ Islam.

Liberalism has turned the great cities of the Western world into an ISIS shooting gallery.

And if you voted for any of those “citizen of the world” morons running the show, you can take a portion of the blame.

7 comments on “‘Diversity’ Kills

  1. I wonder if that obese man in the picture has ever given even a moment’s thought to the downside of what he declares with his sign. Is he willing to accept responsibility for killings which have been done in the name of Islam? I’m not suggesting that every Muslim is a killer, most are not, but some people use that religion as pretext for violence and I wouldn’t want to be held accountable for that.

    1. That obese man in the picture is leftid icon Michael Moore. And no, he and his ilk don’t accept responsibility for any of the disasters caused by their insane policies.

    2. Part of the insanity is denying that murders committed by murderers yelling “Allahu Akbar” while they kill people have nothing to do with Islam — even when the murderers say over and over that they’ve done the killing at the behest of Allah, as they’re told in the Koran, and they’re glad they’ve killed all the dirty rotten infidels and want to kill more of them, etc., etc., etc….. The real danger, we keep hearing, is “Islamophobia.”

      And by the way, the religion isn’t a “pretext” for violence. Killing and/or subjugating non-Muslims, and “spreading terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” is commanded in more than a hundred places in the Koran. While not every living Muslim actually intends to act on these verses, the verses are there, and they’re considered still applicable today, not just a one-time command to Mohammed in the past.

  2. It seems to be a part of a suicide wish. No, not all muslims are killers, but those do not or have not killed are depending on those who do to represent them and do what they only wish they could do.

  3. Great post, Lee! Last night on Laura Ingraham’s new Fox Channel show “The Angle,” she made much of the same response as you have. She was really ticked, and declared what a bunch of nothing is the verbal response of our so-called leaders instead of taking actions that will prevent these atrocities.

  4. Lee forgot to tell you I have to thank God. Had just moved when a heavy bookcase fell where I just was. Was in a charity shop today. Thankfully I was nut hurt.

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