Stranded in the Doctor’s Office

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I went to the doctor this morning for a routine checkup of my blood pressure; and waddya know, it’s way up! I think being forced to sit in the waiting room for an hour and a half had a lot to do with that result. It came back down a few minutes later.

Anyway, there I am, the morning just dribbling away from me, and on the doctor’s-office TV channel they’re telling you how calamitous it is for your health to do a lot of sitting! Well we’re only watching this because we’re in a doctor’s waiting room, aren’t we! I mean, do you see a trampoline anywhere handy? A set of fencing foils? A couple of unicycles? What else do they expect you to do in a freakin’ waiting room?

And then tomorrow there’s the veterinarian’s waiting room! And beyond that the dentist, the eye doctor, and whoever else wants a piece of me.

Honest, I really am trying to finish the book I’m working on…

5 comments on “Stranded in the Doctor’s Office

  1. I’ve noticed that BP checks at the doctor are rarely, if ever, performed in a true resting state. Waiting, especially for 90 minutes, can’t help matters.

  2. Doctors’ waiting rooms should be declared a hazardous waste (of time) area. I once reread the first three books of “Paradise Lost” while waiting to see my doctor. I take only big books with me to doctors’ offices and auto service shops.

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