A Reminder to Our Contest Winner

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There they stand, on the slopes of Easter Island, strange, enigmatic–3 million years old, according to Godzilla vs. Megalon–these nameless, timeless portraits in stone. Whose portraits are they? Why here, on the most remote and isolated island in the whole Pacific Ocean?

Ah, well, never mind. What I really want to know is White Rabbit’s mailing address so I can send him the book he won in the comment contest. Oh, and he should also tell me which book he wants. Dave, are you copying this? Send me that information at leeduigon.verizon.net .



5 comments on “A Reminder to Our Contest Winner

  1. Yes, I copy. I sent the info on All Saints Day, and again today. Maybe it went into your spam folder? Yahoo may have thought it was hate speech because I mentioned your book series (you know, with all that truth in character stuff).

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