A New Low for CNN

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So there was a White House press briefing the other day, with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders; and some nozzle from CNN asks, “Sarah, does this administration  believe slavery is wrong?” (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/laurettabrown/2017/10/31/april-ryan-asks-white-house-if-trump-administration-believes-slavery-is-wrong-n2403031)

Well, let’s see… Slavery in America was ended  over 150 years ago, the only places left where it exists are in certain corners of the Muslim world… and they wonder why anyone with an ounce of sense or decency despises today’s nooze media?

“Why, no, Stupid, all of us here at the White House think slavery is right, and that’s why we’ve just opened a slave market on the White House lawn…”

Really, why would you even ask such a question, unless you were an unmitigated ass trying to show off to all the other asses? “Oh, I’m so clever, I could just hug and kiss myself to death! Now they have to deny that they’re in favor of slavery–what a headline!”

To the noozie with nothing but impenetrable wood between her ears: Well, my ancestors were enslaved by the Romans, and what’s anybody gonna do about it? What–you don’t care, because it was so blamed long ago?

The Democrat Party, including its subsidiary known as “the nooze media,” is the race-baiting party: and slavery, albeit so long ago, the best damned thing that ever happened to it. A race riot is music to their ears, the sweetest music that they know.

They richly deserve to be put out of business forever.


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  1. No surprise here – just ignorance. ALL main stream media outlets are bought and paid for by the banksters/elites/deep state. They’re merely puppets parroting what they’re told to say. The problem lies in human beings who’ve forgotten how to think and reason for themselves, swallowing the media garbage hook, line and sinker.

    1. You know I don’t buy the “bankers/elites/deep state” conspiracy theory. No conspiracy is required to explain this. Leftids do these things of their own accord, and it’s natural for them to all be moving in the same direction, guided by their vision of the coerced perfectibility of the human race, directed by themselves. They don’t need anyone’s orders to carry it out.

    2. Satan is very clever and his purpose hasn’t changed. There are conspiracies in this world whether we wan to call them theories or not.

  2. Hmmm, let’s see. The Whig party fell apart because of divisions regarding the expansion of slavery, especially into Kansas and Nebraska. The faction that was anti-slavery formed into the Republican Party in the North. The Democrats were not particularly concerned about ending slavery and spent much of their efforts opposing anything the Republicans did.

    The Republicans gained the White House in 1860, in great part because of their opposition to the expansion of slavery and after Lincoln was elected southern states began to secede. Lincoln did not declare war, but the Confederacy fired upon Fort Sumpter when Lincoln announced he would restock it with food, medicines, etc.

    Roughly 3,000,000 solderers fought for the Union, and 20% of these never saw their homes again. Many more were maimed and spent the rest of their days unable to support themselves. (Keep in mind, during that time period, most employment demanded physical labor).

    The Union implemented Reconstruction after the Civil War in an attempt to help freed slaves and to help the Confederate states to recover from their losses. The Democrats maneuvered until they could end Reconstruction and the Jim Crow era began in earnest.

    In what way are the Republicans the party of slavery? None whatsoever!

    1. Men of my family were drafted into the Union army as soon as they got off the boat from Germany. One of them was shot in the head at Chancellorsville, which caused him to miss Gettysburg, where his corps was virtually wiped out. He didn’t get out of the hospital until the war was over.

      Good thing his descendants don’t expect any thanks for that, ’cause we aren’t getting any.

    2. The Left lives in vacuum of facts and a pressure cooker of opinion. I don’t claim to be an authority on the Civil War, but the points I presented are hardly obscure, they are available to anyone whom is willing to take an interest in the matter.

      By the time the US declared its independence from Britain, slavery was near the end of its days. Almost immediately after the War of Independence the process of making slavery illegal began, starting in Massachusetts, if I recall correctly. Soon thereafter, every new state admitted to the union became a matter of controversy with regard to slavery. Compromises were made in the name of keeping the Union strong and that strength is what finally made it possible to defeat the Confederacy.

      It was the Kansas/Nebraska territory which touched off the conflagration. Two economic systems were in place, one which relied on slavery and another which compensated all workers with wages of one sort or another. The outcome for Kansas/Nebraska would prove to have ramifications for every state.

      It wasn’t a simple, binary issue. Many in the South were opposed to slavery, but fought for the Confederacy because they didn’t feel that the Federal government had the right to impose their will upon the states.

      Beyond this, the laws which allowed escaped slaves to live as freemen in the North were objectionable to southern slaveholders, so they were hoping for a Supreme Court ruling which would declare these laws unconstitutional.

      That time in American history was much like out time today, complete with lots of rhetoric and falsehoods being presented as factual news. The survival of the US as a single nation was far from certain and the tides of war did not favor the North at first. Lincoln, himself, was discouraged but stuck to his principles.

      Lincoln saw slavery as a moral issue, and was not swayed by the pecuniary concerns which many used to obscure the immoral nature of their cause. He was a relative outsider in many ways and this allowed him to take a stand which was politically divisive. He was elected after the Democrats basically split their own party, with a Northern Democratic candidate and a Southern Democratic candidate. (Who was it that said “no house divided against itself can stand”?) Lincoln was somewhat a surprise candidate and certainly a surprised candidate, because I don’t think he would have thought it possible even one year before the election.

      I wonder how many of the reporters in the Mainstream Media would know even 1/10 of what I wrote above? Anyone that did would know instantly what a foolish question they asked of Secretary Sanders.

    3. Surely that know nothing of the Dred Scott decision, the most prejudiced, dishonest, and wrong decision the Supreme Court ever made.

    4. P.S.: Stonewall Jackson was opposed to slavery, never owned a slave, and spent his own money to establish a school for the children of freed slaves. But he was vehemently opposed to the Union imposing its opinion by force of arms, and for that cause he fought and died.

      General Wade Hampton, later governor os South Carolina, owned many slaves before the war; but after the war he, too, used his own money to set up schools for freed slaves and their children.

      Which was more than many Yankees ever did.

    5. The pendulum always swings to one extreme before returning to the center. Dred Scott showed just how far things had gone and the degree of influence the South was exerting in order to have all of the US support them in the practice of slavery. Then the pendulum began to move the other way and the Civil War ensued.

      The question of slavery was quite complex. People in the South held many opinions and shouldn’t be lumped together into one school of thought. Civil War or not, things were changing and slavery was not going to be able to last much longer.

      Once slaves were freed, a whole new set of problems were created. Slaves were denied education and this placed them at an extreme disadvantage in the free economy. Providing education was a laudable goal, but there’s no question that it was a very complicated situation to remedy.

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