Tomorrow’s Antifa Riot Schedule

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You know a civilization is entering senility when the bad guys announce their riots in advance and the authorities do nothing to stop them.

Here are the times and assembly sites for tomorrow’s nationwide riots scheduled by Antifa, your friendly neighborhood goons in black masks ( There are a number of such schedules posted on the Internet today, and I can’t say whether any particular example is the real deal. But the Antifa thugs, well in advance, have announced their intention to do this; and when bad people say they’re going to do bad things, I for one believe them.

It’s supposed to drive President Trump out of office and replace him with–oh, don’t even ask!

If it fizzles out and comes to nothing–okay, great, we will have reason to rejoice.

But to tolerate this at all… Our whole nation needs to get its head examined.

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  1. It reminds me of the weakness and fecklessness of the Carter years. Trump is not leading in that direction, but there seem to be a lot of people that want malaise forever.

    1. Most of them are old enough to move to a Communist country, so why don’t they? Because none of them know what Communism is really like, and if they did they wouldn’t like it. But it’s far more easier to tout the joys of Communism, while enjoying the fruits of Capitalism.

    2. At some point, they will be making decisions that could have consequences world wide.

    3. I do think we will have to fall hard if we are ever going to reverse the course we are on. Only until we get a taste of hardship again, we will once again appreciate the things that gave us prosperity.

    4. At least 60-% of them still see Ronald Reagan as a hero.
      As for the rest–well, that’s the fruits of public education for you. This has been done to us on purpose by “educators” who are themselves communists and always evangelize for it.

    5. And as they attempt to eradicate our history, Heaven only knows what they plan to replace it with. Scary – and sad.

    1. Apparently not!

      I suspect this will fizzle out. President Trump is leaving on a trip, and I don’t think he’d do that if he had information that Antifa really was going to blow the country apart.

  2. Today on Hannity’s radio show, Ed Kline said he has read an FBI report on how ANTIFA leaders have been meeting with ISSIS leaders to learn tactics like how to build bombs.

    And how about that Immigration Diversity Lottery of Chuck Shumer’s. I can see why he is so proud of it since Diversity is his god.

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