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Centaurs are not to be confused with senators. If you have trouble telling them apart, just remember that a centaur has a functioning, sort-of human brain, and a U.S. Senator doesn’t.

In ancient times, centaurs lived in environmentally responsible groups, far from human towns and villages. They have become rare because most people refuse to believe in them, and that makes them down-hearted.

Nowadays it is almost unheard-of for a centaur to escape from the A.S.S. Centaur House. Confidential sources report that the government is currently trying to breed centaurs with pug dogs in order to spend more money on inane and pointless projects.

If you do see a centaur, the safest response is to offer it a bottle of Jack Daniels and hope it goes away. Do not attempt to contact the authorities. They won’t take ki

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  1. Things are really weird and although I can read your posts OK, I am now required to re renter email and name again.???? I have gotten some strange pop ups lately, too. grrrr

  2. There’s a centaur that roams my street late at night trying to watch TV through people’s windows. I’ve tried putting food out for him but it just kicks it around and makes a mess. It’s face kind of looks like a combination of the faces of Pelosi & Warren (not the best looking animal on the block). I know the Jack Terrier next door doesn’t like it because he barks like he has seen a ghost.

    I see the “Like” under Erlene’s post – progress is being made.

    1. The “Centaurs” post is the result of what they laughingly told me was my Press This feature, restored. Only the second half of it came out. *sigh*

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