Problem Solved, Maybe

Now it looks like, after extensive work with the engineer, my text it readable again like a normal text, black letters on white background. Please let me know if this is what you see!

It looks to me like all your comments came out properly. I don’t know if Press Thgis is going to work now, but first things first.

Thank you all so very much for staying with me as I wrestled with this monster.

7 comments on “Problem Solved, Maybe

  1. Perfectly readable, but my info refuses to store itself for some reason. It doesn’t want to recognize me so I must type in my name and email address for each comment. :/

  2. Black on greyish, very soothing to the eyeballs. UnKnowable, didn’t you notice the flaw in the Sanskrit where the ablative was used instead of the instrumental? 🙂 🙂 Just joshing. Praise the Lord who sends us good engineers to fix things for us.

  3. I received an email asking me to follow you. The text is back to normal (yea!!) but it still says “loading” where it should say “Like.” I finally got my new iPad activated with a little help from AT&T Pro-Tech Support.

    1. I can’t take any more of this today. You should see what WordPress has done to my entire Archive–a disaster area.

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