Elvis Presley, ‘Peace in the Valley’

Our chess buddy “jessicafischerqueen” suggested this yesterday: Peace in the Valley, sung by Elvis Presley. Forget the rock-star stuff that made him famous. God gave him a voice, and Elvis used it–and he left us a legacy of hymns and gospel music.

P.S.–If this post appears twice, it’s not my fault. But you could always listen to it twice.

2 comments on “Elvis Presley, ‘Peace in the Valley’

  1. Elvis recorded a hymn on one of his albums, written by a deceased friend of mine, Lee Denson, who grew up with Elvis in the Memphis housing projects. Lee was also a singer-song writer who recorded albums. The hymn was called “The Miracle of the Rosary” and was played on Vatican Radio for several years. God bless them both, and may He rest their souls.

  2. Thank you, Lee – and jessicafischerqueen. I love this gospel song. In fact, I believe I requested it a couple years ago. Elvis does it better than anyone I’ve heard.

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