Singing to Your Cat

Do you sing to your cats? (Or dog, hamster, turtle, whatever) I do. They seem to like Lillibulero and the theme song from the old Monkees TV show.

Here is someone who, out of the goodness of her heart, serenades her cat. Well, nobody ever said it was easy…

6 comments on “Singing to Your Cat

  1. Wow, that cat is as strange as mine. I do not do too much singing. I can no longer carry a tune in a bucket. My cat does have strange reactions to a lot of things. Occasionally, he just runs as fast as he can from one end of the house to the other as though he is frightened out of his mind. Cats! They are strange little creatures.

  2. My cat doesn’t particularly care for singing. I think she wonders if I’m raising my voice about something.

    When I play a guitar through an amplifier she leaves the room. Evan at modest volumes, it’s a bit much for her ears. If I play unamplified she will sit nearby and listen.

    I once had a dog that loved Jazz.

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